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Jen Gallagher
Department of Biology


Current Events

December 10th at 11:00 am. The third module will be in the Life Sciences Building on the third floor. in the teaching labs. We are going to run DNA gels and then extracting the DNA for sequencing. We will be posting signs and students will be there to direct you to the labs. Because we will be working in the labs please wear solid shoes and long pants and sleeves. Also tie long hair back. To RSVP please email

Additional information will be posted here. 


Past Events

October 29th at 10:30 am The second module for Citizen Science at Life Sciences Building will be in the third floor teaching labs. We will be plating yeast and learning about microbiology.

Sunday September 25th at 2 pm at WVU Arboretum (next to the Coliseum) 
Free for ages 10 and up (including adults) 
Learn about microbes in the environment Hands-on experiments: Plant identification, Sample collection, Budding yeast enrichment

Follow signs to the Ampitheater.